I’m Alix, a twenty-something baking addict, cookbook author and self-taught food photographer/food stylist from Surrey, England.

My Kitchen Drawer was born in 2015 as a way to document all the creations I was baking having just moved from from Buckinghamshire to Surrey. For the first few months with my social life somewhat halved I decided to fill empty weekends with a hobby I’d always dabbled in and loved but never before had time to master. That hobby was baking.

The more I baked the more equipment I accumulated and at the time my petite square kitchen had only one narrow drawer to house them. My Kitchen Drawer is an incarnation for this narrow drawer and it’s where this baking journey began.

Today I hope My Kitchen Drawer to be a little slice of the internet for fellow bakers and creative go getters to come for fun and colourful recipes, helpful kitchen tips, tutorials and baking life muses. If you love colour, sugar, cake and baked goods that soothe the soul then you’ll feel right at home here.

In a nutshell; this is my Baking Biography and I hope that in some way you’ll leave here inspired to get in your own kitchen drawer and whip up something delicious.



  1. I’m obsessed with sausage dogs, no seriously you have no idea.
  2. My Nan is my baking hero (she’s mentioned a lot)
  3. I like to think I’m a great morning person, but in actual fact I’m sadly terrible. If you wake me before I’ve reached my preferred 8.5 hours be warned.
  4. I love the process of baking more than I do the actual eating of my creations (weird I know but please don’t judge me)
  5. Pastry all day every day
  6. DOUGH is my all time favourite but oddly something I don’t write about enough *note to self – write more about dough
  7. Cake is where this love affair all began
  8. I’m an accredited journalist with a degree in Journalism.
  9. I am an Author with a cookbook dedicated to the humble UNICORN – The Unicorn Cookbook
  10. I’m my own worst critic and never ever give myself enough credit.