Millionaire Shortbread Macarons

Whenever I buy a lottery ticket there are three things that happen without fail every time. I don’t have my own numbers as I couldn’t bare it if I missed a week and they were picked, so instead I always ops for a lucky dip. The first thing I do when handed my ticket is check if the numbers are “good”, which is pure ignorance when you think of it as there is no such thing as a “good” number when they all have an equal chance. Nevertheless, I like to see an even distribution, none of this 22,23,24 business.… View Post

Raw Nutella Energy Balls

Fellow Nutella lovers, stop what you’re doing right now as our day is here – World Nutella Day. Legends created this day back in 2007 as a way to appreciate Nutella and its versatility in the kitchen. Soon after thousands of like-minded die-hards were sharing their Nutella creations on social media and no one has turned back since. My best memories of this creamy hazelnut spread are from childhood pancake days and skiing trips. Then of course there are the odd few spoon-in-the-jar Sundays where things can get really out of hand. Thankfully Nutella isn’t a complete sin. It’s actually… View Post

Cookie Crumble Cupcakes

As a keen cupcake baker, I realise I have been far too shy with my cupcake recipes. My love of baking began with the cupcake, and I fear that whilst I have been developing other techniques I may have lost sight of where this love affair all started. With this in mind, I’ve decided to bring it all back to cupcakes and cakes for a while. There may be some surprises along the way as I’m keen to experiment with ingredients and flavour combinations, however first I thought I should share one of my most popular cupcakes to date; The… View Post