Pink Velvet Cookies | A The Unicorn Cookbook Exclusive

Okay so who manages the time around here? If someone could just slow it down a tad that would be great, thanks. It was literally Christmas just a week or so ago (in my head) and now we’re already onto the next seasonal holiday celebration Valentine’s Day. It’s creeping up on us fast and blog recipes and promotions are already flooding my inbox and Instagram feed, so naturally I’m feeling the need to share my perfect bakes for Valentines including these Pink Velvet Cookie, an exclusive recipe from The Unicorn Cookbook (Disclaimer : With a few tweaks) “Make it an… View Post

What will be trending in 2018 for us bakers?

Although January can be a tough month for many, I’ll admit it’s potentially one of my favourites; and not just because it’s my birthday month. I’ve always loved a fresh sheet of paper. You know the kind. That crisp white page, unblemished and on the thick side of the pad. Well if you understand than analogy then you’ll know that topping that is a brand-new notepad, and that’s how I feel about the New Year. And with a New Year brings new trends, in fashion, music and most importantly FOOD, so I’ve been rummaging online to find out whats set… View Post

Cashew Oatmeal Bites by Pip & Nut

Hello 2018. I spent a good chunk of 2017 obsessing over Pip & Nut’s Nut Butter Cookbook and I think it’s safe to say I will be spending a similar amount of time drooling over the recipes and telling you all about it in 2018 too. When I bought The Nut Butter Cookbook home last year I spent a hearty Sunday in the kitchen baking my way through 3-4 of the Snack recipes. I never got round to sharing them all with you and to be honest I didn’t want to bombard you with too many so I’ve decided now… View Post