Bunny Macarons

A lot of things spring to mind when I think of Easter. Bunnies (obviously), chicks, daffodils, chocolate and of course Hot Cross Buns. Now I should mention that as much as I wish they were, these Easter Bunny Macarons are not my own creation. I stumbled across them a few years back during my daily Pinterest Parade and I simply couldn’t get over the cuteness. Wishing I had thought of these myself however was an incredibly short-lived sorrow when I discovered just how amazing Raspberri Cupcakes blog really was. My new favourite in fact as I fell in love with almost… View Post

Egg Carton Cupcakes

I’m possibly leaving it super late to start my Easter Baking this year but luckily these Easter Egg Carton Cupcakes looks super cute and can be knocked up in less than an hour. So if you’ve left your Easter preparations to the last minute this is the one for you. Egg cartons are such a fantastic way to present and transport mini cupcakes, not to mention how good they are for recycling. There are also countless ways you can personalise them for gifts such as messages, ribbons or stickers which equally makes for a great activity with children. You can use any old egg cartons from supermarkets and cover… View Post

Pip & Nut | Nut Butter Balls & Cookbook Review

You know you’re an official Nut Butter Nutter when you get as excited as I did seeing that my favourite nut butter brand Pip&Nut had created a beautifully presented cookbook.  Dedicated to the versatility that nut butter has in the kitchen the book begins with a brief but very interesting introduction into Pip Murray and how she launched her business in 2015. It then goes on to talk about the humble nut (and seeds I should add), the various types and their healthy benefits followed by a quick lesson on nutrition and the importance of protein and ‘good fats’ in a healthy diet. Finally, before it gets… View Post