Christmas Pudding Cookies with Foodie Flavours

So here we are, it’s 35 days till Christmas and I’ve been waiting patiently for over a week to get these out to you. The start of November may seem like a little early to be Christmas baking and while photographing these in my Kitchen liam did quite literally say “bit early for this isn’t it”, but each year Christmas literally creeps up on before I’ve had chance to pack away the decorations from the year previous so I had to give myself a head start this year. If I had any more patience I may have been able to… View Post

Nutella Swirl Banana Bread

If you’re ever in need of brightening up somebody’s week, bring them this loaf of banana bread. This Sunday I baked a Nutella Swirl Banana bread, for no reason other than the fact I had 6 over ripe bananas wasting on my kitchen side and I had that baking urge. I posted a photo on my social pages and got quite possibly my biggest response to a bake. I totally understand why though, it’s one of those magical bakes which even the most amateur baker can whip up so I’m not surprised to hear it has become popular in cuisines all over the world. This couldn’t… View Post

Toffee Apple Macarons

What is your fondest memory of Bonfire Night? Is it the wrapping up warm in your favourite hat to watch the fireworks? Gathering everyone round the bonfire with a warm cup of mulled wine? Or perhaps it’s the sparklers? Yes it’s the sparklers isn’t it? Well aside from the sparklers my best memory of childhood bonfire night was that it was the one and only time a year I was allowed a Toffee Apple. I mean who doesn’t love a toffee apple? I’d always pick the one that had the thickest toffee, which was actually to my own deteriment as I then spent… View Post