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Overnight Bircher Muesli Pots


Unlike many breakfast skippers, I am almost completely useless without it. I’m even cranky if it hasn’t been enjoyable. Breakfast is by far my absolute favourite meal of the day and when I have the time to stretch it out I like to go big. Lay me out a platter of fruits, yoghurt, pancakes, bacon and eggs, pastries and toast and I’m yours for the foreseeable.

Sometimes however, there just isn’t enough time for the breakfast banquet of dreams and with my day job throwing me out the door a little shy of 7;30am there have been days where all I’ve managed to consume is a rushed peanut butter bagel.

Last summer, as some of you may know, I went through diet and lifestyle change which instilled in me the importance of a good breakfast. Since then, I’ve been almost obsessed with ensuring I eat well every morning. Peanut Butter bagels have now become an afternoon snack when required, and instead I’m fuelling my body in the morning with foods that will nourish me well and keep me fuller for longer.

Each mouthful of my Overnight Bircher Muesli is so creamy, and better still it’s by far the easiest recipe I’ve ever created, proving that eating healthy breakfasts are not always time consuming. I use my favourite coconut yoghurt from The Coconut Collaborative, but you can use any flavour of your choosing. The Coconut Collaborative however comes in the perfect sized pots containing the exact amount you need for this recipe and the taste is amazing.

Even if you’re somebody who doesn’t usually make the time for breakfast, this recipe is fool proof and exactly what you need. If made in large batches this mixture can be kept in the fridge for a few days so you have breakfast ready and waiting for you in the fridge all week.




Makes|2 pots

Preparation time| overnight soak plus 30 minutes

100g rolled oats

240ml coconut yoghurt (I use The Coconut Collaborative| Dairy Free)

200ml water

¼ tsp vanilla essence

1 apple (pink lady)


Handful of blueberries

Handful of flaked almonds

1 tbsp cacao nibs

Handful sultanas/raisins/dried cranberries

Squeeze of honey

Prepare your oats the night before by mixing together the oats, yoghurt, water and vanilla essence until combined.

Core and cut the apple into small squares and add to the mixture.

Cover and leave overnight in a fridge to soak.

In the morning, remove from the fridge and give the oats a mix to loosen.

Serve into pots and top with the sultanas, raisins and dried cranberries. Sprinkle over the cacao nibs and almonds, then finish with the blueberries and a squeeze of honey.

The mixture will keep in the fridge for up to 4 days.

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