Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream

When faced with the tough decision of selecting an ice cream flavour which do you choose? For me its always been Mint Chocolate Chip. For a while I thought I was being boring selecting the same flavour every time, so turned my eyes to more exotic tastes such as Pistachio, Rum & Raisin and Salted Caramel. In the end I always would have rather had the Mint Chocolate Chip. I’ve learnt now not to interfere with what the heart wants and my Fiance rarely even has to ask me now what flavour I want. So when we stopped off for… View Post

Cappuccino Madeleines with Lakeland

Drink coffee and eat cake is one of life’s greatest mottos, so naturally when we celebrated National Coffee Week a few weeks ago, I had every excuse to honour the day and go a little overboard on the caffeine. Itching to start testing out my new Lakeland bakewear, more specifically their Madeleine Tin, I set my sights on their Coffee Madeleine recipe. I’ll admit I’m somewhat of addict when it comes to cooking/baking stores. Some people have shoes, others have handbags, but my internal magnet is baking goods for my already over-stocked kitchen drawer. I literally can’t walk past a… View Post

Seasons Eatings | June Edit

Summer is upon us, and as the British weather attempts to remain warm my mind, as ever, is fixated on food and what delicious fruits and herbs I can bake with. While always aware of it’s importance I’ve only recently focussed my attention on a seasonal approach to baking. Not only are the ingredients at their very best and cheapest when in season, but it’s also the perfect way to acknowledge the changing colours and honour the seasonal celebrations. So with this I’m delighted to introduce Seasons Eatings, a new Monthly feature showcasing all the best fruits and herbs perfect… View Post