Raw Rocky Road

My daily routine is pretty regimented, I wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, go to work, eat a balanced lunch, come home or go to the gym, eat a healthy dinner, then by 8:30pm I make a cup of tea and eat biscuits, chocolate and anything sugary in sight. It’s like I almost undo all my days good-doing in just 5 minutes, and once I’m in that routine it’s tough to break out. As a baker my relationship which sugar is strong, we have a lifetime bond that can never be shifted BUT I like to feel healthy and the… View Post

Boozy Champagne Cupcakes

We spend most of the year complaining about how quickly the time is going, but then when we sit back to review our achievements, it soon becomes apparent that actually we did quite a lot. As I sit typing this it’s only just hitting me how much has changed in the last 12 months.  Exactly 365 days ago we were still living in our 1 bedroom flat, and cakes were still coming out of the tiny oven in my tiny one drawer kitchen, the exact drawer where this baking journey began. I’d hoped but I never knew that today we’d have our… View Post

Gingerbread Cottage Cupcakes

Two weeks today and I’ll be basting the turkey, criss-crossing the sprouts, and getting drunk on festive spirit at the first ever hosted Christmas in our new house. I’m giddy in anticipation but need to be escorted away from my credit card and every Christmas Homeware department pronto – I’m out of control. Technically it’s an investment as we’ll be using it all for years to come, but we all know I’ll be “refreshing” with new themes next year as “Nordic Hygge” is going to be so 2016. Gingerbread houses have adorned my Instagram and Pinterest feed over these leading weeks and I’m completely obsessed, so instead… View Post